Free Nike Product

Right now Nike are looking for product testers to try out their products for free! This is the perfect way to try out some fabulous clothes & trainers for your favourite sports and activities. Provide accurate and current registration information. Do not register for more than one NIKE account



*This free offer was available at the time this material was prepared and may be unavailable at this time.


How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the Get FREEBIE button to get Free Nike Product and we'll open the offer in a new tab. Please note that all free samples of Clothing, including Free Nike Product will be sent in the mail absolutely free*. is not directly affiliated with the manufacturers, companys, brands, or retailers of the products listed on this web site.


  • lahcen ait-hassaine

    thank you

  • Lisa Callen

    I wouldn’t wear Nike if it was free.

  • Donna Bushey

    sent me an email telling me I was turned down to be a tester
    I am sure its because of my weight
    I will NEVER buy another nike product ever

    and never recomended their products

  • Steven Oliver. Hoard

    Interested in samples to resciet an wear Nike has always been an Gran an appealing appearal to wear as for me winning typres is pretty cool a confident look an grandnumber one Sportage appearal looking forward to hearing Nike jackets gym an basketball new hightops airmax2 an Nike authentic appearal shoes t,shirts sporting hoodies sweaters an socks an coats if at all wishing good conjanuity an good luck to at Nike that receive this email messages your clouse friend Steven Oliver feel free to have an representation list contact me in example for samples to wear I can reached

  • l

    so many question made headache takes me over 3 hours and still not finish i’d rather not be the tester

  • Maryann patton

    Can’t wait to get it

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