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Getting a free Bible is easier than you might think. There are a lot of places that you can get a free Bible, in different versions and languages. If you would like to receive a free Bible, please enter your details on the website contact form.

The Spread the Word campaign was launched in 2000 with the goal of giving a Bible to any individual who requested one. The goal of Family Broadcasting Corporation’s Spread the Word program is to give a Bible to anyone who has never had one before. Worldwide shipping except US
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Bibles for America will send a free copy of the Recovery Version of the Bible. The New Testament Recovery Version was first published in 1985 by Living Stream Ministry. It embodies extensive research into the meaning of the original Greek text and expresses this meaning with English that is to the point, easy to understand, and readable. United States only

Get a FREE Bible is a 501c(3) religious nonprofit, funded entirely by like-minded individuals. Since 2000, FreeBibles has mailed over 30,000 Holy Bibles free-of-charge to the homeless, sick and incarcerated. United States only

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MyFreeBible will send out a free NIV version of the New Testament, in English. The New International Version® (NIV), is one of many great translations of the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures. The NIV is the most widely read contemporary English translation. This New International Version (NIV) is the most widely read modern translation and will help you find the Bible easy to read. Experience the life changing power of God’s living Word. United States only

Get a FREE Bible

The United States Bible Society has a form on their site where you can request a free copy of the King James Version of the Bible. 120 Countries of Distribution. Please Give the Request 30 Days to Process. Check your Email for Status Updates.

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Since 1961 Eastern European Mission (EEM) has been providing God’s Word to the people of Eastern Europe in their own languages. The Bible is an integral part of our cultural heritage. But it is more than that. It is the story of God’s love for humanity. A story of divine grace offered to each new generation alike. A story that needs to be heard by every individual, regardless of their nationality and mother tongue. To make this possible, we offer you a selection of Bibles and Christian books completely free of charge.

Get a FREE Bible


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