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Free Argan Source Shampoo

Act fast and get these free Shampoo samples by mail before supplies are gone. Argan shampoo has many benefits, especially hair care. Many hair problems such as dry hair, lacking in shine and hair with frizz can be solved with the use of this wonder-oil. Want to get a Free Argan Source Shampoo sample? Simply follow the link ‘Get FREEBIE’ and then fill in the form with your complete information to receive your FREE Argan Source Shampoo sample in the mail.


How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the Get FREEBIE button to get Free Argan Source Shampoo and we'll open the offer in a new tab. Please note that all free samples of Free household products, including Free Argan Source Shampoo will be sent in the mail absolutely free.

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  • ivana

    do I need to pay postage?

  • Patricia Robinson

    Thank you

  • paulette kingery Ray Kingery

    Kept saying it needed a full Address..There was a full address..no sample for me.

    • Lim-Lim Dunn

      Just inout a couple of dashes __ in the second line of address & you will by-pass the “error msg”.

    • Bernadette Hannah

      Just put a letter like A in that field it worked for me. ( address line 2

    • Gail Daniel

      Same issue. Why won’t system accept my address ?

  • Boo

    Can’t wait to try !!

  • Scott Munro

    Thank you

  • Tami Lewis

    It keeps saying full address needed…I am giving my full address!!!

    • Tango2u

      Tami Make sure you put your address/apt if any and zip code I had to put N/A in the second address field and you have to put phone number. Then it went through

    • Katherine Estey

      If u live in an apartment or condo you need to put the #of the unit in the second row. I also had that issue. Hope it help.

    • Pat Hippert

      The same thing kept happening to me. I finally put “na” on the second line and it took it. “na” stands for not applicable.

    • stacey spencer

      put address on both lines

    • Ben H

      Just put a dash in the 2nd address line and it will Work

    • Adrienne Bullard

      Make sure you fill in both address lines. I just copied my address to both lines and it worked fine. Best of luck.

    • Connor

      Put N/a in the 2nd address line and it’s working

    • Shannon Davis

      Put NA on the secondary address line. It won’t work if the line is blank.

  • Beverly

    Done thanks can wait to try the shampoo.

  • Marilyn Alexander

    I know (Tami Lewis). I put my full address on the first line. The second line is NOT needed, but it wouldn’t let me submit it until I put my address down AGAIN. that doesn’t make any sense, you don’t need my address twice.

  • Anne Walters

    Wants full address? I’m giving it!


    I am looking for a new and improved shampoo. Can’t wait to get the sample.


    I went to get my freesample but it kept rejecting saying that a required field was not filled in and they all were filled in.

  • Joyce Geddings

    Try the super-nourishing, vegan Love Beauty and Planet Luscious Hydration Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower …

    Joyce Geddings
    1185 Guyton Road
    Bladenboro,NC 28320

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