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Free TENA Lady Discreet

Right now you can get these TENA Lady Discreet for free! Just fill out this form and your TENA Lady Discreet sample pack will be on its way.

The sample pack contains: one TENA Lady Discreet Normal Pad, one TENA Lady Discreet Mini Plus Pad, one TENA Lady Discreet Mini Pad. Delivery can take up to 28 days. Your sample pack will be delivered in a discreet package that won’t disclose its contents. We will treat your personal data in complete confidence. These samples are only available to people in the UK due to shipping limitations.


How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the Get FREEBIE button to get Free TENA Lady Discreet and we'll open the offer in a new tab. Please note that all free samples of Clothing, including Free TENA Lady Discreet, will be sent in the mail absolutely free.

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  • Carole Boisvert

    Thank you !!!

  • lori j hancock

    How do I block these freebie emails from coming to my email? Its such a waste of time for me to fill out all of my information, and then to see it’s only good for the UK! I work a 12 – 16 hour shifts & don’t have a whole lot of time to fill out these forms, and so when I do take the time, then it says it’s for the UK only! So can you send me a link so I can block these offers & emails? Thank you,
    Lori Hancock

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