Free T-Shirt from DeGorilla

Right now, you can get a free promotional T-shirts. Simply add the item to cart, then like their Facebook page and proceed to checkout. Free Shipping in USA and Canada!


*This free offer was available at the time this material was prepared and may be unavailable at this time.


How do I claim this freebie?

Simply click the Get FREEBIE button to get Free T-Shirt from DeGorilla and we'll open the offer in a new tab. Please note that all free samples of FREE T-Shirts, including Free T-Shirt from DeGorilla will be sent in the mail absolutely free*. is not directly affiliated with the manufacturers, companys, brands, or retailers of the products listed on this web site.


  • kamal al ansari

    thank you freesamplesmail

  • Gary

    Would love a xxl

  • Diane

    I applied for a free T-Shirt weeks ago, still hasn’t arrived ?

  • Cody Fox

    Can I have it quick as possible Please. Thank you

    Shirt Size American 12-14 Boys

  • shawn

    i ordered a tshirt to and still waiting wondered if this was for real when i seen it the first time

    • shawn

      it was a a frecking scam, tryed tocontact them no answer thats fraud to me when people dont give what they offered in ad

  • Lori Murphy

    Never got my gorilla t shirt

  • Cindy

    I applied for a free t-shirt and another relative of mine also applied for a t-shirt several weeks ago. I even thought I might get it before Christmas 2017 yet I still haven’t received anything. Is there anyway of knowing if this was a phony advertisement? Should I be worried about this company? Would love to know. Thanks

  • Beryl

    I also ordered a free T Shirt that never arrived. I even got mails to say it had been shipped !!

  • Cheryl

    I applied for a t-shirt in late November 2016 & despite 3 emails to say it has been posted I STILL haven’t received it.
    So glad I never parted with money to order more. I had several emails asking me to order more. But said need to see quality of free one. How many people set up webpages before Xmas hoping to make quick money?

  • rachid ikhou

    can i have my shirt quick as possible please!
    my size is”L”

  • Jennifer Condery

    I ordered mine in November and received emails stating it had been shipped. It is now march and no shirt.

  • shawn

    proble was a scam me and my wife ordered atshirt before christmas and nothing came

  • Corrina Ryan

    Apparently this company has been taken over by new owners and this t shirt is not available.

  • Shelley

    Ive ordered a shirt MONTHS AGO from them and NEVER received it. My friends ordered also once I told them about the shirts and they NEVER got theirs either. They will NEVER send them

  • Emily Walker

    Me, and 5 other people ordered several of the free shirts, they sell your information they never send the product…..still have the emails from the orders and when they were “shipped” yet 10 months later and nothing smh contemplating on sueing due to false advertisement, neglecting to inform their business selling my address and number to other parties

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