How to Get Free Stuff on the Net. Detailed tips for Freebies fan

The e-commerce business today is growing fast and more and more people are surfing online for free stuff and free samples. A newly emerged company will do all kinds of advertising to promote their new products in order to compete with the established ones. One type of advertising and proven to be very successful is to offer free stuff and samples for their clients. When we consumers try out their samples and found very useful, we will buy their products and keep telling our friends. So, instead of paying for stuffs, why not get the free ones first?

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Here are a few tips of using our site and getting the free stuff you wanted:

1. Do Not use your real email address. Most of the companies offering freebies will send periodic newsletters to your main email address. Submit your real email address only if you want to receive updates and information from them.

2. Do sign up for an extra email account such as Yahoo! Mail or MSN mail. The best email service out there for getting freebies must be Mailinator. Do a search for “Mailinator” on our site and look for extra description. Besides, install the Google Toobar at your own computer. It helps a lot when filling in the form requesting for free stuff. With the AutoFill form function, one click can help you insert all your details with ease. Saves you all the hassle of repeating filling in form again and again.

3. Do Not use your real phone number unless you want to receive business calls from those companies all the time. Sometimes verification is required in order to get free stuff. Check the website’s privacy policy and determine whether it is legitimate or not. Use your common sense.

4. Do come up with a business name by yourself such as Max Inc. or John & Green Company etc. Most of the companies offering free stuff are meant for business and if you work for or own a company, it is most likely they will send freebies to you.

5. Do Not submit fake home address when entering the form because this is where you are going to receive the free stuff. BUT be careful when entering home address. Make sure you have read through their privacy policy or you think that the site is legit.

6. Do call or email the companies you are interested if you want to order a free sample or inquire more information. Most companies are more than happy to receive feedback from customers.

7. Do Not simply give away your credit card information. Some of the freebies require a small fee of Shipping and Handling( S & H ). Be cautious about this if you are going to pay the fee using credit card online. Check out whether the page is secured by 128 bit secure socket layer( Usually you will see a small lock underneath the browser window ) or are there any privacy policies in display.

8. Do check all the rules and regulations
before entering into contests. Some of them required users to participate in order to get your freebies. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions in case you are suspicious of scams. I know it’s tough but rules are rules.

9. Do Not expect professional website design’s from the websites offering you free stuff. Most of the free stuff offered are from the maker’s companies. They are not expert in creating good looking website design. After all, you just want to have the freebie right? So who cares whether the web design is good or bad.

10. Do visit our site often! We strive to become the biggest freebies directory. Thanks to all you loyal supporters, our site has emerged to one of the largest freebie directory. Once again, Thanks for visiting us.

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