How to get a freebie or how to be a “Freebie Hunter”?

How to Get Free Stuff and freebies by mailSo you want to be a Freebie Hunter but you are at a loss as to how to start? These easy tips and ideas should get you on your way to becoming a master at finding those freebies. The internet is absolutely bursting with companies offering freebies and other fun promotions, the trick is knowing how to go about finding them. Why reinvent the wheel? These handy tips can be used as a map to guide you along the way

How to Get Free Stuff and freebies by mail?

Search Engines – Type in words related to freebies (free sample, free offer, promotions, freebiea by mail) and then wade through the thousands of pages until you find something interesting.
Corporate Websites – Look up your favorite brands’ websites and see if they have any promotions. Most major brands make it easy for you by having areas that are designated for promotions.
Magazines – Many of your favorite magazines run monthly contests and giveaways as well as coupons and ads for samples that companies are offering. Keep your eyes peeled for them.
Magazines Forums – There is a magazines forum for each of countries. Look through those forums for any online promotions or deals that are being offered. These offers change frequently, so you have plenty of opportunities to find some awesome deals.
Television Advertising – Keep a pad and paper next to the TV to jot down notes for any good promotions that you see on TV. You’ll find lots of neat offers complete with website URLs and or 800 phone numbers that you can post.
Other Freebies Sites – There is nothing wrong with enjoying more then one freebies site, most of the best deals are passed from site to site. True freebie hunters love to flit from site to site, passing offers back and forth. Freebies that are actually a link to another freebies site are frowned upon, that’s a cheap trick that some webmasters use to get their links posted on other people’s websites.

Fill out forms automatically – These popular free services allow you to get those pesky forms filled out with one click of a button:

Spotting Freebie Scam Posts – Not all freebie offers are real, some webmasters will plant fake freebies on freebies sites in order to get your information to sell to other companies.

free samples and freebies by mail

These fake offers can easily be spotted, be suspicious of:

  • Offers with lots of Google ads on the freebie form;
  • Sites that are just one page with no homepage offering the freebie;
  • Disclaimer or Legal information that does not look like it was written for the site offering the freebie;
  • Brand new sites offering freebies;
  • Sites that are hosted on a free web hosting company;
  • HOT TIP: Freebies sites that require you to be a member to see the forums are the sign of a true amateur. Avoid them!

Now that you have been given the proper tools and training, what are you waiting for? Get out there and hunt down those freebies!